Navajo man's shoulder pouch (part a). An envelope of corn pollen was found inside the pouch (part b). The flap of the pouch closes via a leather cord that has a snail shell attached to one end. The flap is decorated with three domed, stamped silver concha buttons in the center. The shoulder strap is lined with 92 silver buttons: 77 are plain domes, 10 are conical and fluted, and 2 are stamped.

  • 編號: 1997.12.451
  • 文化: 納瓦霍
  • 保管機構: 科羅拉多​​大學
  • 材料: 銀,皮革,紙,shell,和corn pollen
  • 測量數據: 12.5cm x 11.5cm