Shoulder pouch that is possibly made of commercial leather salvaged from a saddle. The flap is a trapezoidal shape about 1/4 longer than the pouch. There is a cast ornament decorating the flap that might be a cornstalk. The top of the flap has 6 medium-sized, plain domed buttons, while the bottom has 6 smaller plain domed buttons. The strap has 50 small plain domed buttons set 3/4" apart along the entire length of the strap and attached with commercial thread or twine
* From Expanded Description: Not appraised by Kendra Bowers, 1997; Buttons on flap & strap; commercial leather; pouch: 130x130 mm, strap: 14mmx107.5mm

  • 編號: 26377
  • 文化: 納瓦霍
  • 保管機構: 科羅拉多​​大學
  • 材料: 銀,皮革,綠松石,和shell
  • 測量數據: 19cm x 13cm