Silver ketoh with one large turquoise stone 1 1/4" long, surrounded by 14 polished teardrop-shaped turquoise stones. 24 stones line the outermost edge of the silver plate--1 teardrop-shaped stone at each corner with smaller oblong stones in between. Total of 39 stones. Mounted on a black leather strap with 2 mercury dimes (one dates to 1937 and the other to 1943) used as closure buttons.

  • 編號: 44738
  • 文化: 納瓦霍
  • 保管機構: 科羅拉多​​大學
  • 藏品類型: 珠寶
  • 材料: 銀,皮革,和綠松石
  • 測量數據: 9.5cm x 7.7cm