Navajo peyote gourd rattle with a flare at bottom with a peyote button design inscribed in top. The shaft has a beaded cylinder and a tuft of white horsehair on the top of the gourd. A wooden spool inside the gourd holds the handle in place and keeps the stones inside. Seed bead colors include: blue, pearl, bright yellow, medium yellow, orange, dark red, brown, and light blue in a geometric design.
**Part of peyote kit, UCM #33986-33989. Flare at bottom of gourd characteristic of Little Moon Peyotists. Navajo NAGPRA reps approved exhibit use of rattle (see related doc file).

  • 編號: 33987
  • 文化: 納瓦霍
  • 保管機構: 科羅拉多​​大學
  • 材料: 木,gourd,stone,horsehair,和beads
  • 測量數據: 53cm x 6cm