Ketoh made of wrought silver with central turquoise stone; 4 repoussé bicurvate elements from stone to corner.
Has Hopi & Navajo elements. Repoussé Hopi rain cloud & tear shape on vertical axis, and overlay rain clouds on a stem on horizontal axis. Border of ketoh has hatch mark design, as do the borders of the four bicurvate elements. *Previous record claims the turquoise in the center is a replacement of the original, however there is no reason given for that assumption.

  • 編號: 1997.12.546
  • 文化: 納瓦霍
  • 保管機構: 科羅拉多​​大學
  • 藏品類型: 珠寶
  • 材料: 銀,皮革,和綠松石
  • 作者: Boone, Cecil Jr.
  • 測量數據: 8.6cm x 6cm